General Info

The following links are being provided so that you can view the different companies, their employment packages, and benefits.

Recruiters from various companies come to our school on a regular basis looking for potential drivers. Using the links on this page, you can learn about the different companies, what kind of equipment they have, and what part of the country they operate in. You can also get contact numbers needed to reach the recruiting department of the company of your choice and ask any questions you may have. If you already have a type of company in mind, you will be able to narrow the choices.

Werner Enterprises 

Schneider National

An online learning center that mirrors the format of actual CDL tests can be a great resource for preparing for the exam. For more information visit: 

Crist CDL

Practice CDL Tests

Job Placement

This is only a small list of the companies that hire our graduates:

  • Paul Transportation, Inc

  • Miller Truck Lines, LLC

  • Trans AM

  • US Express

  • Conway

  • Maverick Transportation

  • Knight/Swift

  • Vets4Work Program

  • Pam Transportation

  • KLLM

  • Sunflower

  • Werner

  • Schneider

  • McLane Company

  • TMC

  • LDI

  • Prime, Inc.

For more details about the companies that hire from our school and about job placement services that are provided to our students, contact our job placement coordinator.